Opportunity to earn:

1. Kallyani / Sukormi: As a Kallyani / Sukarmi, you can earn freely according to your ability by trading in goods and services.
2. Shujog Shohojogi: As an Shujog Shohojogi, you can earn commission-based earnings from the District Office, Sales Executive, and Delivery Officer, delivering goods to kallyani/ Sukormi, hiring kallyani/ Sukormi, assisting in various activities such as training, ordering, sales, courtyard meeting etc..
3. Freelancer: As a freelancer, you can earn hours / daily / weekly or monthly contract by working online or offline survey, phone call survey, data entry, data analysis, data quality analysis, data labeling, translation, copying, etc.

Eligibility Criteria:

-Age: 18 to 40 years
-Educational Qualification: Minimum SSC pass
-Must have a national identity card of own or guardian
-Must have your own smartphone
-Must have an internet connection

* Shujog Shohojogi must-have bicycle/motorcycle / van / mini track or any vehicle
* Freelancers are required to work within the schedule specified in the contract and must have a laptop
* To start a business as a Kallyani/ Sukormi, the minimum investment amount should be BDT 5,000

Sign up for the Sujog app and select under which role you want to work with Sujog. Select the roll in this step “View details about roll”.