1. How do I work with Shujog?
Sign up for the Sujog app and select under which role you want to work with Sujog. Select the roll in this step “”View details about roll””. App download link: https://cutt.ly/xnQhkyo

2. How can I make a small investment?
Any citizen aged 18 or over across the country will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to earn through the use of the app. By investing a minimum of BDT 5,000, one can join the Shujog and work on nutrition, daily necessities, mobile financial services, etc. App download link: https://cutt.ly/xnQhkyo

3. How much money can I earn per month as an entrepreneur?
You can earn at least BDT 3,000 to BDT 4,000 per month. Many of our Kallyani/ Shukormi are now earning around BDT 8,000 to BDT 10,000 per month. Keep an eye on Shujog’s Facebook page to see the success stories of Kalyani / Sukarmi: https://www.facebook.com/shujog.xyz/photos/?ref=page_internal

4. What are the requirements to join the Shujog?
To start working as an entrepreneur by joining the opportunity as a Kallyani/ Shukormi a smartphone, internet connection and a minimum capital of BDT 5,000 is enough.