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How do you make money?

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You can choose any combination from three modes of earning:

You may choose to be a regular young professional [freelancer] or franchise owner or you may choose to get connected and earn according to your convenience.

No monetary investment required

All you need: Smart phone or laptop and internet connection

Online Door-to-Door Shop
Online data freelancing Enrolment to third-party services Enrolment to third-party services
Translation Online data freelancing
Phone survey Fulfilment service [Product delivery]
Customer care
Healthcare referral services

With monetary investment

All you need: Smart phone or laptop and internet connection

Door-to-Door Shop
Nutrition package (products and services) Nutrition package (products and services)
Healthcare package [products and services] Healthcare package [products and services]
Digital Financial Services [Bank Asia, Nagad] Digital Financial Services [Bank Asia, Nagad]
Demand creation [activations] FMCG products
Healthcare referral services Healthcare referral services
Agriculture package [products/ services/ technology]
Aquaculture package [products/ services/ technology]

How to sign up to the shujog.xyz platform

Three easy ways to sign up and unlock Shujog’s full stack of opportunities:

  • You can complete a General sign up and avail the opportunities coming with Shujog Learn and Shujog Connect
  • Sign up to Shujog Earn and start earning immediately through the offers that do not require any skills certification, and also through those that require you to watch only a video tutorial
  • Following your sign up to Shujog Earn, complete the course certifications listed against your choice of offers and start to earn as you learn

General sign up

Signup Now

After completion of general sign up, you will earn redeemable 10 points**.
The general sign up will allow you to access
Shujog Learn’ and ‘Shujog Connect’.
To access Shujog Earn, you will have to complete next level of the sign up process.

Signing up for Shujog Earn

After completing the Shujog Earn sign up, you will earn 20 redeemable points.**

Shujog Learn

Shujog Learn is a skills development and certification platform for you. All the courses are free until further notice. In ‘My certification’, you will find skills development offered through three channels of learning:

Face-to-face learning

Distance learning through video platform


You can obtain majority of the certifications through self-learning and distance learning.
Upon completion of the requirements for each certification, you will earn points depending on the certification.

Upon completion of the ‘Shujog Earn’ sign up process, you will find a list of the available earning opportunities and skills certification requirements based on your choices. For some assignments, watching a video tutorial will suffice; for others you may need certification. You may choose your preferred date and time to complete the training(s), attain your certification, and avail all relevant opportunities.

For more information, please call 16573 to talk to one of our agents or join Live Chat here at the bottom right corner of your screen.
You are welcome to sign up your fellow and earn points.

* Subject to availability of the facility in your location
**You can redeem your earned points to avail discount(s) or gifts.