An integrated platform for youth opportunities*

Unlimited opportunity to learn, earn, and connect*

For young professionals, students, and any young enterprising person

From rural, peri-urban, and urban locations – from anywhere in Bangladesh

Learn, earn , connect

Learn – Earn – Connect

Learn new skills or upgrade your skills with certification

Earn as a full-timer or part timer, online or within your community*

Connect yourself to the global community

Shujog Learn
Shujog Learn

Acquire skills of your choice and start earning with us*

A blended learning platform with certification

◆ Face-to-face
◆ Distance learning
◆ Self-learning

Shujog Earn
Shujog Earn

Earn from anywhere, online or in your community *

As a young enterprising person, young professional or student, you can earn
with only a digital device and Internet connection or getting your own franchise

Shujog Connect
Shujog Connect

◆ Conntect with others young professionals for learning and sharing.
◆ Know about oppourtinuty for growth.
◆ Connect a perssion-in-need with chirity App App

Download and become part of the fastest growing youth community

Earn and engage in serving your community from anywhere *

About Shujog

Shujog’ is an integrated platform to connect women entrepreneurs from the grassroots to economic opportunities.

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Learn – Earn – Connect

Learning is easy now

Learn the skills required to become an entrepreneur and earn

Earn as you want

Unlimited opportunity to earn through delivering our diverse set of products and services to the household

Connecting Communities

Get connected to unlimited opportunities like scholarships, career opportunities and other scopes to take yourself to the next level.

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